Hi! I’m Mary. I live in southern New Hampshire and I keep busy doing a variety of things…

These days I am pursuing my interests in two very different areas; 3D Computer Art, and Pottery. The website for the pottery studio is: SunnysidePotteryStudio.com
I will be adding images of both to my Gallery pages over time.

My Background:

I recently retired as an adjunct professor at Nashua Community College. The courses I taught included: Web Site Development, Desktop Publishing, and Computer Technology and Applications.

In addition, I designed and developed web sites for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals. I have provided web site design, development, and consulting services for over 15 years, initially in Rhode Island with Growing Minds, Inc. Now in southern New Hampshire I was doing business as ACME New Media Solutions.

Rhode Island School of Design logoI’ve worked as a designer or design director in a variety of industries since I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. While I was still in school at RISD I started working part-time as a freelance designer and modelmaker of fine jewelry for Dolan & Bullock in Providence, Rhode Island. Upon graduation I found there was a demand for jewelry designers in the Providence, RI and Attleboro, MA area. Over the next four years I designed costume jewelry, fine jewelry, and merchandising materials.

Gorham Silver logo I was hired as the Design Director to establish and develop a Fine Jewelry Division for Gorham Manufacturing. I designed several lines of gold, silver, and crystal jewelry for the company, directed staff modelmakers, and located independent vendors to produce products. I supervised product photography, worked with advertising, sales and marketing departments to develop marketing materials, and interacted with customers at trade shows. After five years Gorham decided to put their focus back on their Tabletop Business (silverware, hollowware, china, and crystal) and they closed their Fine Jewelry Division. I took the opportunity to start my own design studio, CoddBarrett Associates, Inc.

Coddbarrett Associates created high resolution presentation graphics, 3D computer illustrations and animations, as well as computer generated stereoscopic multimedia productions. We established computer graphics design offices and production facilities in Providence, RI, Boston, MA, Stamford, CT, and San Francisco, CA. INC. 500 logoCoddbarrett Associates grew from a small design studio to a company doing 3.5 million dollars in sales, and was included on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies for 3 consecutive years.

In addition to operating design and production facilities at Coddbarrett Associates we developed:

  • The Original Bitfolio Clipart Library – a compilation of original digital artwork stored on magnetic media for use in graphics presentations and printed materials.
  • SlideStop Services, Systems and Software – a slide service bureau and PC based system and software used for producing high resolution boardroom quality graphics presentations.
  • TintPrep Prepress Software and Systems – a prepress system used to streamline the production of “color-cutting” in the prepress printing and publishing industry. TintPrep allowed prepress colorists to scan lineart and add color, including tints and gradations, drop in 4-color photographic continuous tone images, and produce 4-color and spot-color separations on high resolution digital imagesetters.
  • ComicPrep – software similar to TintPrep developed for the comicbook industry.

In 1995 I started Growing Minds, Inc., a retail computer store specializing in educational software for use at home and in schools.

  • Growing Minds researched, demonstrated and recommended educational software for families and schools, developed and taught classes for adults which included classes on word processing, desktop publishing, graphics programs, and spreadsheets for analyzing, organizing and displaying numeric data graphically, and the uses of the Internet for professional development.
  • Developed and ran after-school and week-long summer classes for children using a variety of educational software for publishing stories and reports, learning about science, 3D/CAD visualization, and uses of the Internet for school research projects.
  • Built new PCs, repaired and upgraded and customer’s existing PCs.

In 1997 Growing Minds, Inc. transitioned from retail software and computer sales to specializing in web site design and development.